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Musical Directors

Lewis Kemp

Robin Hare

Front Row Cornets

Principal Cornet - Elliot Kemp

Solo Cornet - Stefan Peacock

Solo Cornet - Francesca Fraser 

Solo Cornet - Jane Fairweather 

Back Row Cornets

Soprano Cornet - VACANT 

Repiano Cornet - Andrew Seall

2nd Cornet - Algy Hoare 

2nd Cornet - Anna Narborough

2nd Cornet - Valerie Barfoot

2nd Cornet - VACANT

3rd Cornet - Rosalinda Endersby

3rd Cornet - VACANT

Tenor Horns

Flugel Horn - Pam Newton

Solo Horn - Catherine Sleep-Thomas 

Solo Horn - Wendy Vidler

1st Horn - Tristan Beedell 

2nd Horn - Sam Daly

Baritone Horns

1st Baritone - Lydia Fuggle 

2nd Baritone - VACANT


1st Trombone - Graham Brant 

1st Trombone - Paul Terry 

2nd Trombone - John Whitehead

2nd Trombone - Andrew Chisnall 

Bass Trombone - Mike Roberts


Principal Euphonium - Paul Skerry

2nd Euphonium - Kate Hopkins


Eb Bass - Michael Garrett

Eb Bass - Alexander Fraser

Bb Bass - Suzanne Healy-Smith

Bb Bass - VACANT 


Drum Kit - Nick Weller 

Tuned Percussion - Bennet Smith

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