• Wadhurst Brass Band

COVID-19 Update

We had hoped to report that Wadhurst Brass Band had resumed rehearsals and were preparing for the new playing season. However, the tighter government restrictions introduced in mid-September have meant our preparations for rehearsing have once again been put on hold.

Brass Bands England, our association body, are campaigning with Making Music, the Association of British Choral Directors and the Singing Network UK to exempt musical groups from restrictions and put them on parity with dance, exercise classes, sports and youth activities. We have written to Nusrat Ghani, MP for Wealden, calling on her to support this campaign.

Participating in brass playing with other musicians is a vital activity for many people, supporting their mental health, minimising social isolation, and providing a physical activity for many people who are unable to take part in conventional exercise. We know that our supporters are keen to see us starting up again as we are an integral part of Wadhurst life.

Meanwhile we continue to produce virtual performances, which are still a lot of fun and are posted on our website and social media!

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